IT Suppliers

All end-users (pharmacies, hospitals and wholesalers) need to create an electronic connection to the Maltese Medicines Verification System (MaMVS) via the Internet. This may be done by using their present stock management and dispensing software solutions or through standalone systems sourced from external vendors or developed internally.

MaMVO will work directly with the providers of these solutions to supply them with the necessary SDK (software development kit) and the support they may require in order to create the interface between their system and the MaMVS.

On-boarding process:

All software providers who want to connect their solutions to the MaMVS must complete the MaMVO onboarding process for software providers. There are five steps in this process:

  1. The software provider is asked to complete a form to provide details about their organisation and the system which is being developed to connect to the MaMVS.
  2. MaMVO will then complete a legitimacy check of the software provider to ensure that it is an appropriate organisation and can be provided with the SDK.
  3. The software provider is asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with Solidsoft Reply (SSR) as they will provide the SDK. SSR has been contracted by MaMVO to develop the MaMVS)
  4. After the above steps are completed, the IT software provider is given access to the SDK as well as the MAMVS test environment in order to test the connection between their system and the MaMVS.
  5. To connect their systems to the MaMVS production environment, each software provider must carry out specific self-certification tests on their solutions in the MaMVS quality environment.

Once the software provider receives the SDK, they have access to full technical support from Solidsoft Reply via an online portal and also a service desk which operates on a 12 x 6 basis.

IT software providers do not have to pay any fees to MaMVO.

Any new IT software provider interested in connecting their system to the MaMVS should contact the MaMVO through the designated contact form for further details.

On the portal, the supplier needs to go to the page IT Supplier self-certification guidance where they will find resources and information related to the self-certification process (including the Test Book). The supplier also needs to access the Support Page where there is the email address that they need to use to contact Solidsoft Reply to start the self-certification process, and the email address for Malta-specific support.